Broadway Commercial

Broadway Commercial

The Project

“We have the chance to develop a design vision that can bring the community together to create a legacy project for the city’s most diverse and creative neighbourhood. Can we rise to the challenge?”

— Bing Thom, September 2016

Renowned local architecture firm, Bing Thom Architects, have developed a framework to help guide the future development of this important property:

New Urban Typology

Explore a new building typology that will support a vibrant public realm.

Housing Diversity

Housing to meet the needs of urban families

Transit-Oriented Development

Create community-sensitive transit-oriented density that encourages sustainable transportation choices.

Vibrant Local Economy

Support a vibrant local economy by locating activities and employment-generating space near transit.

Retail Diversity

Create an enhanced grocery store to better serve the community, with additional neighbourhood retail that will animate the surrounding streets.

Green Urbanism

Push the boundaries of what green urbanism can mean and what it will look like.

Community Well-Being

Support community well-being through “social” design, the re-integration of an improved site, and a safer pedestrian environment.

Creative Community

Support public art and activities, recognizing the arts as an important community element of The Drive.