Broadway Commercial

Broadway Commercial

The revitalization of the Safeway site at Broadway and Commercial is an incredible city-building opportunity. Our aim is to enliven the Broadway and Commercial corner with a new urban typology that fosters creativity and supports social connections.

Our Approach

Successful city-building requires thoughtful consideration of every detail. The current Safeway site at 1780 East Broadway is a vital part of one of Vancouver’s most cherished neighborhoods. It is also directly adjacent to Western Canada’s busiest transit hub, which sees 150,000 commuters daily. Crombie REIT (“Crombie”) and Westbank are exploring how to redevelop this site in a meaningful way for the community. The development concept includes a significant component of family housing, a range of market condo and rental housing, new commercial and retail spaces, and significant improvements to the public realm. The goal is to further enhance the vibrancy of Commercial Drive south of the Grandview Cut.


We have an update to share! We have been hard at work to make final refinements to the proposal based on City and community feedback, in anticipation of our formal rezoning application submission. We’re pleased to announce; we are finally there - the rezoning application has been submitted and it is now live on the City of Vancouver’s website:

We also have updated our website. Check out our project page