Broadway Commercial

Broadway Commercial

Open HouseJune 27, 2017

We are excited to share our proposal for 1780 East Broadway, the Safeway site, and we want to hear from you.

Share your feedback with us

The redevelopment of the Safeway site will provide important benefits to the Grandview Woodland community. Through the Community Social hosted in November 2016, subsequent meetings with members of the community, and focus group sessions we’ve received some preliminary feedback on our ideas. Please take a moment to learn about our initial proposal and let us know what you think. We are looking forward to hearing your input.

Community Building

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The Drive is eclectic, inclusive, and intellectual. The enhancement of this important property is a pivotal community-building opportunity.

We are excited about the opportunity to enhance this corner to complement the eclectic nature of The Drive – in a way that can achieve appropriate density at the region’s busiest transit hub while respecting the context of the surrounding neighbourhood.

The Team

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Bing Thom’s Legacy

Bing Thom was an internationally renowned architect whose work has impacted cities and communities around the world.

Bing saw the Safeway site at Broadway and Commercial as an opportunity to rethink how families can live in the city and how a project can be used as leverage to heal and improve its surroundings.

“Cities become what they are because of the people who are in the city and the values they have.”    – Bing Thom Architects

Bing Thom was passionate about neighbourhoods and their vitality and the prospect of creating a uniquely eclectic project for this site was exciting to him.

To guide the project vision, Bing developed nine Big Ideas that were unveiled at our first public engagement event “Community Social” in November 2016.

Crombie REIT

We are a real estate investment trust (REIT) that focuses on retail, office, and residential property ownership and development in Canada

Our commitment to building a better REIT extends to the numerous communities that are home to our commercial real estate properties across the country. This can be seen every day in the way we build and manage both our portfolio and relationships.


We are a practice dedicated to city building and improving the communities we practice in, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and artistry.

Successful city-building requires thoughtful consideration in every detail. We believe in developing strong relationships with neighbourhoods to foster a deep understanding of each project’s relationship to the larger city to help guide our planning approach.



The Safeway Site

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The Safeway site, located at 1780 E Broadway, is situated at the Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station, well serviced by frequent transit, close to local shops, services, and amenities, as well as Commercial Drive.

The Safeway has been serving the Grandview Woodland Community since 1981 playing a significant role in this neighbourhood.

With a long-term lease, Safeway is a key stakeholder and their requirements are a critical component of a new development. The Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain Station is Western Canada’s busiest transit hub. Careful densification around this transit infrastructure is critical.

Density and heights at the Commercial-Broadway Station are substantially more modest compared to transit-oriented development in the region.

Relevant Policies

In addition to the Grandview Woodland Community Plan a number of other important City and regional policies guide planning for the Safeway site.

Grandview Woodland Community Plan

Approved in July 2016, the Grandview Woodland Community Plan provides a framework that will lead positive change for the community.

Goals for the next 30 years:

In the Grandview Woodland Community Plan, the Safeway Property is located in the Commercial-Broadway Station precinct. As per the community plan, the appropriate city guidelines will be taken into account considering the Safeway site.

The Grandview Woodland Community Plan includes guidance for the funding of community benefits for the next 25 years. Through Community Amenity Contributions and Development Cost Levies new development projects will contribute significantly to the funding of public benefits for the next 25 years.

Relevant Regional & City Policies

In addition to the Grandview Woodland Community Plan a number of other important City and regional policies guide planning for the Safeway site.

  • Regional Growth Strategy (2011)
  • Housing and Homelessness Strategy (2011)
  • Rezoning Policy for Sustainable Large Developments (2010)
  • High Density Housing for Families and Children Guidelines (1992)
  • Childcare Design Guidelines (1993)

Site Plan

Landscape Plan

Level 3 

Grand Public Stairs off of East 10th


North Elevation

South Elevation

Project Statistics

Site Area: 9,819.1 m² (105,682 SF)

FSR: 5.7

Proposed height: 11-24 storeys above podium

Block A – 17 storeys

Block B – 21 storeys

Block C – 24 storeys

Block D – 11 storeys

Podium – 2 storeys

Floor Area By Use

Safeway Store: 56,000 SF

Retail: 11,200 SF

Office: 55, 000 SF

Daycare (to house ~70 children): 11, 000 SF

On-site Public Space: 22,000 SF

L1 – Stairs/terraced seating, PBS, expanded sidewalk area

L2 – Concourse, stairs/terraced seating

L3 – Children’s playground

Fitness space (L3): 9,800 SF


Number of Residential Units (a mix of affordable rental and market condos): 649


Bike Parking: 971

Total Car Parking: 524

Residential Car Parking: 218

Commercial Car Parking: 306

Project Benefits

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The redevelopment of the Safeway site will provide important benefits to the Grandview Woodland community. The Safeway site will provide:

Densification around a Major Transit Hub

The underutilized property provides a unique opportunity for thoughtful density at the busiest transit hub in the region.

A Range of Housing Tenure Options

Providing a range of much needed housing options, including condominiums, rental homes, and affordable rental homes.

Economic Vibrancy

The Safeway site will provide new office space at the region’s busiest transit station creating employment opportunities within the community and beyond.

 Fine Grain Retail Opportunities

New, unique retail spaces that correspond to the local character and animate public spaces.

On Site Public Spaces

Through vibrant public spaces and street edges, the energy of Commercial Drive continues around the site.

Childcare Facilities

A new 69-space childcare facility to support local families .

A Civic Plaza Over the Cut

The Safeway site will contribute to a new civic plaza over the cut through Community Amenity Contributions.

Happy City Principles

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Charles Montgomery and the Happy City team have been engaged to consider the future of the property through the Happy City lens. Integrated Healthy City + Happy City Principles for Commercial + Broadway:


 Shared Space


Green Space and Nature

Building Construction and Design

Community Feedback

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Through the Community Social hosted in November 2016, subsequent meetings with members of the community, and focus group sessions we’ve received some preliminary feedback on our ideas.

Family Housing

Design that responds to family life through semi-private spaces, programming options, storage opportunities, and spaces for all ages

Urban Design

A design that breaks the mould and recognizes the unique nature of the community – a human scale design that is inclusive and encourages interaction and exploration

First Nations Community

Members of the First Nations Community play a big part in the Commercial + Broadway neighbourhood. Ensuring they are included in discussions related to public art, public space, and other aspects of the project is integral.

Housing Mix

A variety of housing options, including a mix of strata, market and non-market rental, co-op housing, and micro-suites, as well as price points to support growing families, struggling artists, singles, and seniors.

Public Realm

Safe, traffic-free gathering spaces with shelter that appeal to all ages and provide programming options.


Pedestrian connections, wayfinding and bike infrastructure to ensure the project is well integrated and porose.

Retail and Amenities

The retail character of the neighbourhood should be reflected in the project – local, European feel, small, outdoor seating.

Public Spaces

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Plaza over the Cut

Our public spaces reflect who we are and what’s important to us. It’s where communities come alive, where we connect with friends, strangers, and nature. Extending the bridge deck to create a truly public plaza over the Grandview Cut has the potential to provide additional pedestrian linkages, enhanced public realm, and enhanced views of our city.

Commercial Drive is a vibrant and lively street especially during festival season. A Plaza over the cut would allow for activity to expand north and toward the station.

The project team has looked at the existing constraints as an opportunity to explore the site’s potential and look for a plaza location that will best serve the community. The Community Plan identified on site Plaza options which we have tested against the site constraints.

With natural vistas, permanent retail programming, proximity to the SkyTrain station, and the continuation of the Commercial Drive retail district, the plaza will become central to the community.


The Grandview Steps (West Plaza)


Facing North, eastside of Commercial Drive (East Plaza)

A plaza over the Cut provides an opportunity to connect the North and South sections of the Drive, allowing activity and vibrancy to flow through the station and extend the fine grain urban fabric further south. 

A rich public realm experience that honours the Grandview Woodland Community is a critical component of the plaza we are proposing. The Plaza over the Cut will provide a wide range of opportunities for every-day programming and events.

The Plaza over the Cut can accommodate diverse events and allows existing community festivals to extend forward the station

Over 22,000 square feet of captivating public space are proposed on site to complement the Plaza over the Cut, more than doubling the amount of open space provisioned in the Community Plan.


Grand Staircase

A hierarchy of public spaces are proposed including fine grain retail space to support local businesses, a pedestrian breezeway providing pop-up retail opportunities, grand public stairs, bike cafe and bike facilities, and a children’s play area to support families in the neighbourhood.

Our on-site public space provides bike friendly facilities that integrate with the south SkyTrain station exit while ensuring that vertical spaces allow access for all levels of mobility

The Grand Staircase is comparable to many well used vertical public spaces around the world.

Retail Breezeway

The onsite public breeze way connects East Broadway and East 10 Avenue, providing community-serving pop-up retail and protected public spaces.

Children’s Play Space Concept

The on-site children’s play space supports the child care and is open to the public. Our vision is for a diverse project that re-imagines family housing a transit-oriented community: including condominiums, market rental and affordable housing with an emphasis on re-imagining family units and family friendly design in high density living.


Comparable Spaces

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Many successful dynamic urban spaces are found in high traffic areas, similar to the Plaza over the Cut.

What Makes a Great Public Space?

Design and programming components are critical to creating public space that contributes to the neighbourhood and is celebrated.

Family Focused Housing

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Higher density housing for families has to be responsive to how families live and what they need – a vertical village.

We are exploring a building typology that creates a vertical village encouraging social interaction, providing usable semi-private spaces, and more diverse units. Building amenities both indoor and outdoor will address the needs of a complete community, different stages of life, and diverse lifestyles.

Inclusive & Accessibility

Building a community within a community means encouraging social interaction, mixing tenure options and designing public spaces that are accessible and inclusive and respond to the surround neighbourhood.


The City of Vancouver now requires all large development sites to demonstrate a range of sustainability measures – and the proposed development at Commercial & Broadway boasts multiple features that reduce energy needs and contribute to the Greenest City 2020 goals, including green buildings, access to nature, and local food, to name a few.

Renewable Neighbourhood Energy

The Safeway site has the potential to tie into the Renewable Neighbourhood Energy Systems supply. Why is renewable energy beneficial?

Design Development