Broadway Commercial

Broadway Commercial

The Neighbourhood

Grandview Woodland is one of Vancouver’s most cherished neighbourhoods.

Home to almost 28,000 people Grandview Woodland is known for the welcoming and inclusive nature of the Drive, its diverse population, as well as the electric mix of restaurants and cultural spaces that shape its distinct character.

Retail Vibrancy

Commercial Drive and Hastings Street retail strips are known and valued for their independent nature.

Cultural Activities

“The Drive” is a destination for well-known street festivals and the “Little Italy” experience.

Photographer, David Meurin


A total of 173 heritage buildings within the neighbourhood are listed on the Vancouver Heritage Register.


Almost 90% of residents live within a 5-minute walk of a park, open space or greenway.


The Commercial-Broadway Station and surrounding area is quickly emerging as a transit-oriented community, with highly accessible transit, pathways and bike routes.

Aboriginal Peoples

Several First Nations and Aboriginal‐focused non‐profits are located in the community, as well as a number of social services and programs for 2,200 First Nations and Aboriginal community members.